X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So the movie finally came out and it managed to make over 80 million in its first weekend. This is not surprising at all considering how the mainstream fully embraced the ol’ Canuck, but we’ll see how it does in the second week. That is always the test for blockbusters, and I’ll be interested to see what happens. I doubt it will drop a huge amount, but with the reviews being so very negative, it might just make over what the production cost was in the box office.

This leads me to my own thoughts on the film. I didn’t mind the first two X-Men movies, because even as a fan of the comics I can appreciate how they brought something very complicated to a mainstream audience. They had to simplify the story and the characters, because otherwise it would just be too complicated. It’s been decades since the X-Men began; how can you accurately put all of that history in a two  hour movie? This was one of the problems in the third X-Men movie, because it tried to take a very elaborate story  (The Phoenix Saga) and mush it in with more Magneto and humans hate us crap. Take one story and stick with it, guys, or it’ll be the mess of X-3.

Wolverine manages to be a lot more direct by focusing only on Weapon X and William Stryker as the villain of the movie. They once again try to complicate it unnecessarily by adding in hoardes of mutants that are on screen for about two minutes, which is genuinely a shame since they are all very interesting characters separately. There are many reasons why this wasn’t a great film, but it was an entertaining one. As usual the action and CGI are fairly well done, although there are times it looked so obviously fake it annoyed me. If your major purpose is to look nice, guys, you better f’n look fantastic.

I think one major problem was that there were so many mutants they didn’t focus on potentially the most interesting part of the film: the relationship between Sabretooth and Wolverine. We know they are half-brothers, and that they lived together for a very long time during all sorts of wars. Then Logan decides to walk off rather than kill innocent people, and his brother is like ‘damn. Okay bye.’ Some of the better parts of the film are when Liev and Hugh are allowed to speak with one another, not necessarily just beat one another to a pulp. There is a genuine emotional connection between these two characters, and it would’ve been nice to get more for them. Also to understand why Sabretooth is so willfully following Stryker and kidnapping/killing the mutants for him. He doesn’t really seem like a follower type of guy.

Then there’s the treatment of Deadpool, but I’m not going to go there.

The love story was ridiculous, cliche, and difficult to believe since the two had the chemistry of a rock.

Listen, beyond that, Wolverine is entertaining. There are super powers and mutants and action and Wolverine destroys a bunch of stuff. I imagine 75% of the audience knows eactly what they are going into to watch, and will enjoy it for that exact reason. There’s nothing wrong with liking bad movies; I love lots of them. If they entertain you, they do their job. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Marvel, please buy back your property rights though. And do a real X-Men movie. Please?


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