Life is canceled!

Oh no. Life has officially been canceled, and it’s a genuine tragedy. It’s a fantastic little procedural show on NBC, or it was, and unfortunately suffered due to the writer’s strike and then being put on a bad time slot. Whoever thought to put a suffering show on at the same time as ABC and Fox’s big hits (Lost and American Idol) is a freaking moron. The show was about police detective Charlie Crews who is framed for the murder of his friend’s family, and spends ten years in prison. His case is investigated years later and they realize DNA evidence exonerate him from the crime. He is given a huge money pay out for his suffering, and his job back as a detective. The beautiful Dani Reese is assigned him as a partner; her father is a big name but she was corrupted during an undercover assignment and became an addict. So both she and Crews have a lot of issues to work out.

The best thing about Crews is his weird personality, which is what sold the show. After years in prison being beaten half to death, he has a lot of hard assed violence underneath his sweet smile. He protected a blue collar criminal named Ted who moves in with him in a giant mansion and provides him real friendship. Charlie embraced zen beliefs in order to get calm back into his life, which often weirds out the people around him who often think his pithy little sayings are insane. Crews and Reese bonded closely over time and became one of the first duos that didn’t have romance on their mind together, although that is a little questionable in the show’s finale. Crews wants to get to the bottom of who framed him in the first place and unravels a conspiracy that he was just unlucky enough to get involved in.

It’s a great little show and it will be sad to see it go. It stood no chance on Wednesday nights, and since it didn’t gain a strong enough following in the first place after the Writer’s Strike this really was inevitable. Is it sad to hope that another channel might pick it up, like USA? It would fit in nicely with Burn Notice! Monk is almost over so they’ll need a show to replace it too.

R.I.P Life. If we never see you again, we’ll miss you.


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