Will-They Won’t-They

Alright, so recently people have been chatting about the Bones upcoming finale because it looks like Brennan and Booth will finally be getting it on. It’s been four long years of serious sexual tension and genuine affection between the two of them, and I’m fully invested. While the stars and the writers are aware that sometimes the story completely dies after the two actually get together, I’m of the belief that they might as well go for broke. I’m so sick of people being too afraid to let the story go naturally where it should go just because it might ruin the spark. Is it safer to hold back? Sure. Is it admirable? Hell no. Be brave and take that risky step. House just did it with Huddy finally hooking up, and of course it will probably end in flames, but I’m glad they went there anyway. It’s about freaking time.

This is of course opposed to some shows who try everything in their power to force sexual chemistry on their characters. It is my main issue with Castle, and how they’re trying to push romances in procedurals like Law & Order (SERIOUSLY) and CSI. Listen, natural chemistry is what gets the fans behind even the most ridiculous of relationships (Spike and Buffy, for example), so if you bring romance into it just to spice things up, you better hope it doesn’t fizzle and die like George and Izzie. Because plot point romance is boring and pisses us off. If you have to tell us every week OMG THEY ARE SO INTO EACH OTHER, there’s a problem. Robin and Barney fans can see hundreds of things in the smallest way the two touch hands or sit next to one another in a booth. So if you bring in a character hoping to make a love connection, you better be prepared for it to fail unless the actors find a way to make it work. But please don’t forcefeed Castle and that horrible detective down my throat anymore. I’m already over it and the first season isn’t even over yet.

Oh, and Lost? Just a piece of information? THE MAJORITY OF FANS DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE TRIANGLE/SQUARE/WHATEVER ANYMORE. You’ve beaten the Kate-Sawyer-Jack + Juliet problem so to death by now that we’re half wishing they’d all die just so the bloody plot can focus on the real mysteries of the island. Please. Give up the dead horse.


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