The New Star Trek

The best reboot ever

The best reboot ever

Now if anyone has been paying attention the box office, they would see that Star Trek is kicking some serious ass, although it did not necessarily blow out any records its first week. I told my friends and family that what we would see is it keeping fairly reasonably numbers for a few weeks after it is released. Why is this? Because the first weekend mostly die hard fans of people simply intrigued went to see it, which was a great number at over 70 million, but people will come back again and again since it is a high quality movie. Then everyone who brushed it off as a silly sci-fi movie will see the high regard it is getting, both by fans and by critics, and go to see it. This is the opposite reaction that a movie like X-Men Origins: Wolverine had, when it got huge numbers the first week and then dropped significantly once everyone realized it wasn’t very good.

Star Trek is a success in ways that it never should have been. This is a movie that seemed destined to fall short of expectations, because let’s face it, the Trekkie fanbase is what everyone thinks of when ‘crazy fanboy’ comes to mind. I love Star Trek: TOS. My father had me watch it with him when I was little, and I loved all their movies. I’m not a fan of The NExt Generation because I feel it takes itself too seriously, and it was slightly pretentious. This movie is a prequel for TOS, and it is amazing in what it manages to accomplish. There are enough inside jokes that fans will laugh and enjoy the nod to the series, and to its particular brand of ‘isn’t this silly?’ humor, and then they carved a new reality so they have freedom to go where no Trek series has gone before. This may be the first Trek movie that is genuinely and delightfully mainstream, but without disturbing the integrity of the concept. Everyone can love this film, and it didn’t have to compromise to get there; this is without a doubt a Star Trek movie … but one that can be universally pleasant.

The young cast stood up to high expectations in famously known roles, the CGI was fantastic, and although the lens flare does cause one to get blinded, it was a small detail in an otherwise superb summer film. Will this win Oscars? Probably in the special effects area but certainly not in any of the ‘serious’ categories, but that’s not a problem. It is FUN. Hilarious, entertaining, clever, with strong actors, dialogue, and character development. A solid summer hit that will make you walk away smiling. This is exactly the type of movie we needed, and it was wonderful to get it.

Live long and prosper, new Star Trek series!


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