Gossip Girl

Hottest pair on TV!

Hottest pair on TV!

Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure on TV, and I think I am slowly starting to embrace it as something I openly love rather than grudgingly accept. I was forced to watch the show for work (for real), starting in the second season, but I watched the first season just to know who the heck all these people were. Then I realized that it became a secret obsession and that every Monday night I had to watch it or I’d go mad, mad I tell you. I’m not sure what is so wonderful about the show, but I’m starting to get a grasp on it.

They completely embrace the ridiculousness of the premise. Gossip Girl knows it is an insane show about insane people, and that half of the things they do would never actually happen, but that’s why it works. Instead of the teen shows who pretend they’re realistic, GG goes far and above reality into crazy town and we’re all along for the road. And that’s what is so completely fun about it. Of course there are things you can connect to with the characters, and sometimes they genuinely act like scared little teenagers, but that’s just the icing on the cake. It’s decadent and soap opera-ish blended with extremely well written dialogue and biting snippish characters. It’s the snark of a Jane Austen snob with As the World Turns, and it gleams with the shiny young actors that in general put on a great performance. Except Nate, but he’s just so pretty. If you break down the characters, none of them are exactly likable; they all have qualities you’d rather be beaten out of them. But their flaws are what make them fascinating.

The season finale set up the next year nicely. Lily and Rufus are finally engaged (zzzz) and their lovechild is sneaking in town stalking Dan. Most of the cast is going to NYU rather than any other school because how else will you keep them on the show together? Blair and Georgina will be roommates (HA). Gossip Girl is still anonymous and promises them she’ll follow them into college, so hurray. And FINALLY Chuck and Blair take the leap into trying their love/hate thing out for real. Listen, Chuck and Blair are the reason I love this show, and yes it’s tiring when they keep finding reasons not to be together, but it’s part of their schtick. Still, I’m glad to see them at least try.  Of course they’ll probably break up quickly and then get back together and etc. etc. but it’s good to see the attempt as a sign of their relationship developing at all.

Overall it was a pleasant season finale, with a little less drama than we’re used to. And that was okay, because sometimes … you just wanna see them all smile! Gossip Girl, I can’t wait for season three. Keep being awesome.


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