Sherlock Holmes

Is anyone else as psyched about this as I am? A friend of mine said it felt ominously like the League of Extraordinary Gentleman trailer, and I can honestly see where they get that. But I have faith in Robert Downey, and I usually feel Jude Law makes good decisions on his role choices. Plus Rachel McAdams is pretty great, so the cast speaks highly of it. Not that a good cast always means a great movie, mind you. I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes from way back, I have the complete works and I like to pretend in my head that Arthur Conan Doyle and I am related in some way. Nevermind there are tons of us Doyles running around … somehow he is mine, okay!

I’m interested to see what tales of Sherlock Holmes they will be using for this. Right now I am still in seriously psyched mode, and nothing is going to bring me down!


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