Everything Geeky: Apple iPhone

Published by Starpulse.com

You know, if you think about what Apple has accomplished in the past ten years, it is simply astonishing. The company has not had the easiest of routes from its creation in 1976, nor has it always been able to compete with the various PC companies. It had a following of extremely loyal fans of course, but then the iPod and iPhone made it a mainstream kind of company. Then there was iTunes and App Store and the Macbook Pro, and suddenly everywhere you look the little apple symbol showed up. The competitors have had to try and keep up ever since, but let’s be honest … we’re used to looking at Apple now for something new and funky.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because Apple unveiled their newest iPhone model and it’s got all the owners in a tizzy. Two or three times faster with editing and sharing functions on video, voice control, and a compass; sooner or later there will be nothing it can’t do. I’m just waiting to hear about a phone with an AI chip that can think and talk and plot to take over the world. Have Battlestar Galactica and Terminator taught us nothing?!

Anyway this Friday, June 19th, the iPhone 3G S will be sold in two variations: 16 and 32 gigabytes. The prices depend on whether or not you have a contract with AT&T and the information can all be found on Apple’s website. Be careful going on there, because you might start out looking for the cheapest computer and end up with the 17 inch MacBook Pro. True story.

Right now the major competition for the iPhone is Palm’s Pre. Pre has photos, music, videos, Wi-Fi, GPS, and basically everything you expect these days from your computer-phone. Probably the best thing about Pre so far is that it organizes all your incoming e-mails, Facebook messages, Twitter updates, etc., into a user-friendly way to read all of them at once. Apparently rather than reading each one separately, you can just have them all routed directly to you. Pre seems excellent for all those corporate suits you see running around busily during the day, constantly checking their assorted calendars and screaming for a bottle of still water, STAT! Pre wants to be the iPhone killer, but will it be?

Probably not. The thing is, Apple is doing fairly well at updating their systems and phones regularly enough to fix any problems their users might have. There is the question of loyalty and simplicity too: it’s easier to stick with something you know and trust rather than learn a brand new system. iPhone was the invention of the year in 2007 and wildly successful, so everyone who picked it up then will probably be on board for the new additions. Plus the costs are not horribly high like the original phone; the 16 gb model is $199 and the 32 is $299, a huge different from the original $599 prices. In fact, if you want to pick up an older model iPhone now rather than try out the new one, the price has dropped all the way down to $99 dollars. Which is less expensive than several phones out there that give you less.

If you’re not an Apple fan the Pre might be better suited to you, but if you want to have a computer in your hand at crazy speeds and options you didn’t even know you wanted, the new iPhone could be worth a look. Father’s Day is coming up this week as well, and I know what my dad is getting. It’s already pre-ordered for crying out loud. Love Apple or hate them, you have to be impressed by this vast accomplishment … and how they’re slowly creeping us toward Judgement Day when the machines turn on their masters. Does it creep anyone else out that the phones may be smarter than us? No? Alright then, go and get your freaking iPhone 3G S.


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