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Are you ready for another season of blood, violence, true love, sex, death, and sin? That’s right, HBO’s hit show “True Blood” is back for a second season! This was definitely the number one show I needed to see in the summertime, and the premiere gives us exactly what we need: gruesome murder, rampant sexuality, and blood blood blood.

Sookie Stackhouse is still reeling over the murder of her aunt and several others at the hand of once-friend Rene. She killed him in self-defense but it still left a mark on her psyche. At the end of last season, she and Bill seemed to finally make their peace, to the sorrow of bar owner shapeshifter Sam. Tara was shacked up in some paradise with a creepy woman named Marianne who had a past of her own with Sam. Jason coped with the death of his girlfriend and the betrayal of his friend Rene. Lafayette was apparently attacked and no one knows his whereabouts, but the dead body found in the back of police officer Andy’s car did seem kind of suspicious ….

In the books, let it be known that Lafayette was killed and found in Andy’s car. However, the show is not following the books to a T and it was not his body at all. Instead Tara sees the heart cut out and brutally disturbed body and recognizes her as Miss Janette, the ‘psychic’ who ‘cured’ her mother. She knew the woman to be a fake, but the death still shakes her. It doesn’t help that her vicious unstable mother claims the woman is a savior and tries to tear down her daughter yet again. This is the woman who abused her mentally, physically, and emotionally her whole life. And she’s preaching morality! Luckily Marianne comes by and takes Tara home, and totally verbally slaps Lettie Mae around. It’s brilliant. If Marianne wasn’t such a creep, she’d be the best character.

We find out a little more about her connection to Sam. Apparently young and scared he came into her house to steal things. She seduced him, scared him when she got all supernatural, and then he ran out with all her money. She just kind of laughs at him when he offers the money back, and says none of this is about him. Is it about Tara instead? Because she seems very interested in Tara making out with her handsome protege!

Meanwhile, Sookie finds out that her Great-Uncle Bartlett is dead. This is the man who sexually abused her as a child, and she confessed it to Bill. The jump to him being the murderer is not a hard one for her to make. She’s already angry at him for hiding the existence of Jessica from her. In case you forgot, Jessica is the young rebellious whiny girl who Bill was forced to turn into a vampire because he killed another vampire for Sookie. He’s not really a forthcoming man, Bill. He hides a lot, and Sookie’s like ‘dude, learn to share. Tall, dark, and mysterious eventually loses its attractiveness.’

Bartlett left Sookie all of his money, which of course makes her so sick she can’t even handle it, especially since she’s also dealing with packing up her grandmother’s stuff. She gives the money to Jason instead, which gives him the opportunity to join the Fellowship of the Sun for their ‘leadership’ program. Creepy, creepy vampire-hating cult. Seriously, Jason? What about Eddie! Have you forgotten already? The cult makes him feel wanted and needed so Jason’s empty little head is full of flowers and love for them. Sigh.

Speaking of Lafayette, who is NOT dead, he is being held prisoner in a creepy cellar and forced to push something around with other prisoners. We don’t know what is going on, especially when he’s joined by that hick who mocked his food as ‘AIDS’ burgers. He starts confessing all of his crimes, and Lafayette is like ‘dude, I’m too tired to even mock your stupidity.’ Then Erik shows up (!!!!!!) and tears the guy to pieces and it is completely awesome. In an awful, terrifying kind of way. So he wanted to question the guy about the vampires who died in the fire, but why Lafayette? Because of him selling V? Or do they think he killed Eddie?

Jason lies to Sookie about the Fellowship but does remind her that love is about accepting your partner. So Sookie goes to talk to Bill and is cute with Jessica, who for a monster just seems to really want a good role model. Or something. She’s hilarious, whatever her intentions. Sookie confronts Bill about Bartlett and that he can’t kill everyone who hurts her. She starts to say some things that sound suspiciously like she’s breaking up with him, and Bill emotionally confesses his undying love for her. Come on, who can resist that? They have graphic sex with lots of blood and nudity and this show is beautiful in its ambiguous nature.

See most of what is said on this show can be taken several ways, and beyond that, who really is the bad guy/good guy? We’re rooting for Sookie, sure, but is Bill good for killing her uncle or bad? Erik is a very interesting and attractive character who clearly does evil things, but is he justified in some way? It questions black and white morality and sexual violence and … it’s just so nice to have the show back. It might just be better than ever! Dare we hope?

“True Blood” Is on HBO Sunday nights at 9 PM EST.


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