Fringe Panel at SDCC

At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, science fiction fans were spoiled with previews into a new FOX show titled “Fringe.” Headed by fan favorite J.J. Abrams and compared to “X-Files,” the show starred Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, and John Noble. After a very positive first season, the show is returning in the fall for its second, so this time the “Fringe” actors and writers were welcomed to Comic-Con as successful stars. I was lucky enough to check out the panel on Saturday in a room completely packed full with diehard fans.

All the major actors and the production staff were there and excited to see the screaming, enthusiastic fans in the audience. To make their panel a little unique, the staff would ask a question of the audience for every question they were asked and gave away shirts as prizes to the fan who answered. They seemed genuinely surprised that the fans were so knowledgeable about the show, even with trick questions or little-known facts. The cast looked very comfortable on stage together, joking and playing with one another; at one point Joshua Jackson and John Noble even switched seats for fun.

At the end of the first season, the audience came to realize that there is an alternate dimension and that Peter (Jackson) is not actually from the regular world; he is other-Peter! In that world the Twin Towers were never destroyed, and several more things may be different there that the audience will learn more about in the second season. Executive producer Roberto Orci said that “a war is coming,” and the staff did hint that it’s possible the characters will meet their other selves later in the season. Anna Torv joked that she hoped parallel Olivia would have “a really thick Australian accent, and she’ll get to laugh.”

Keep dreaming, Anna. Jackson and Noble both agreed that they enjoyed the father-son relationship between their characters, and that’s certainly one of the best parts about the show itself. Where it will go from here once Peter learns that he’s actually from the other world remains to be seen, but it will more than likely be great drama. Apparently Charlie’s death may not stick, and Leonard Nimoy can join the cast as a regular any time he wants. So that’s the update from the show runners themselves about “Fringe,” which returns to FOX September 17th.

Abrams will be back to write the premiere, having been slightly MIA lately for the show due to his work with Star Trek and other projects. Are you ready to hear what William Bell has to say about the other world? Is it better than our world? When will Peter find out the truth? This is all ahead on “Fringe” season two and you won’t want to miss it!


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