Lost at SDCC

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Lost” has always appeared as a headliner at San Diego Comic Con, filling up the largest rooms in the convention center with little difficulty, and its reveals are gossiped about for months afterward by the fans and critics.

This year the excitement was mixed with regret and sorrow, for it is the last year of “Lost.” Yes, we will be getting the answers we crave, but that also means one of the best shows on television ends in 2010 and what will we have to sate us afterward? Nothing!

The “Lost” panel had laughs, thrills, chills, and plenty of special clips for the fans that loyally lined up. The line itself started at 6 p.m. the night before and was completely full by the time we were actually allowed in, but it was worth it. First Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof came out to answer a few questions. They promised plenty of surprises in the next hour, and also that this con year it was all about the fan love. To prove this they showed their favorite fanmade videos including the hilarious “Brokeback Island” video about Jack and Sawyer. They also ran a contest on ABC.com for a fanmade “Lost” jingle to play with opening credits, and congratulated the winners right then and there.

Other than saluting the fans, Cuse and Lindeloff revealed a few videos that may give us clues about season six. First an Oceanic Airlines video promising that they’ve had no crashes in 30 years, which indicates that maybe Jack and Co. did stop the crash from ever happening. Then there is a television commercial for “Mr. Cluck’s Chicken” that Hurley bought and he says he came back from Australia safely, plus that he’s had nothing but good luck since winning the lottery. The third video is “America’s Most Wanted” with Kate as the culprit, but her murder victim was not in fact Wayne but his assistant Ryan Milner. Plus, she is still at large.

“The time travel season is over. Flashforward season is over. You’re going to see something different,” said Cuse. Did the variables change the “Lost” world? It sure seems like it!

Then things got both awesome and funny when the light shined on the question line and Jorge Garcia stood there. He started asking questions of his showrunners, as always the voice of the fans, and then Michael Emerson came from backstage to scold him for taking too much time. The fans went completely wild, as expected. We were then treated to a video of Emerson auditioning for Hurley. This is wildly funny and weird to watch.

When one fan asked about Richard Alpert and his eyeliner, there was a new video showing actor Nestor Carbonell being a diva backstage and applying makeup. He then came onstage and joined the cast. Lindelof and Cuse promised that Alpert’s backstory will be told this season, so the “why is he ageless?” question will hopefully be answered!

The screams got louder than ever when Josh Holloway showed up after a video about Sawyer’s sexiness. Earlier in the panel, Cuse and Lindeloff put the final two pages of “Lost” season six in a box. They promised that whatever was on those pages would be read at the end of the season to prove they always planned the ending. Holloway demands at taser-point that they open the box and read it. Emerson then humorously reads from a script of “Heroes” and then asks what he is reading in a disgusted voice. The rivalry between “Heroes” and “Lost” has been going on for years, so the fans notably laughed and applauded this little jab at their rivals.

As usual, the creators gave away very little about the upcoming season of “Lost.” They did however say that many characters from season 1 would be back. Daniel Faraday and Juliet will both appear in this season, despite the former’s death and the latter’s apparent death. They gave away a prize to the first person who said Claire’s name at the panel, a box which contained a fake seagull with the original note written by Claire on the ankle when she tried to send a letter to the outside world. They also showed a video with a memorial of all the dead characters on “Lost” and ended it with a series of clips about Charlie Pace…this was all set up for the arrival of Dominic Monaghan as he waved to the crowd and the panel was over. There have been rumors that Monaghan will be returning as a guest on this season, which would be wonderful considering fans were deeply saddened by his death in season three.

So we got no real answers at the “Lost” panel, but plenty of teasing and a playful introduction to several of the appearing cast members. This was the very last time that “Lost” will be at San Diego Comic Con considering that the show is ending, and it seemed like a great send off. We’ll miss the show and the amusing ideas they come up with every year.

“Lost” season six premieres early 2010 and will feature the last 18 hours of this critically acclaimed and beloved show. Take out the tissues and your notepad of questions, because it promises to be a bumpy ride.


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