Best TV Schools

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It’s almost time to head back to school, and you can feel the excitement/anticipation/trepidation in the year. Students are getting together their binders and pens as well as their back-to-school clothing. It’s also time to set up your TiVo for a new season of television excellence. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for school or want to think of places that could be better or worse than your own, look no further than these TV schools!

Bayside High School from “Saved By The Bell

Bayside was the place to be during the early 90s when anyone 8-17 could not wait to be “Saved By The Bell” every week. This adorable teenage sitcom only lasted five seasons, but it spawned two spin-off shows and a few TV movies, and it lives today in popular repeats. Bayside had a Principal who cared, Mr. Belding, who looked out for the kids as if they were his own and tried to keep them in line. Although the cast would go to the Max or hang at their houses, the school was really where most of the show was shot and took place. We stood by the gang as they failed classes, learned valuable lessons, competed in sports, tried to ask their crushes to dances, and then finally got into college. Bayside was not just a place for fun, so you could study and party equally if you went there. Plus who wouldn’t want to plot pranks with Zack or trade fashion secrets with Lisa? It’s important to note that right now Jimmy Fallon is trying to get all the original actors to stage a reunion on his show. There are only a few actors left to sign on, so cross your fingers!

Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude’s School for Boys, “Gossip Girl

Alright, so technically going to the same school as Blair Waldorf could be either amazing or awful, depending on how cool she decides you are. This snooty prestigious set of private schools are in New York City and made for the richest and brightest children of the Manhattan elite. They also allow some hard working intelligent Brooklyn-ites like the Humphreys. It’s a beautiful school with connections to the best colleges in the country, so all you have to do is play your cards right and learn how to schmooze your way into Yale. The only problem is that the kids really run the school, so unless you know the right students, it could be a living hell. Just ask Little J what happens when you cross Blair and the popular girls. It seems to be a flexible school in terms of attendance, since Chuck kind of wanders in and out or goes on vacations for extended periods of time, but then again, he’s Chuck Bass. These schools are the place to be if you’re from old money, new money, and/or ambitiously plan a glowing future for yourself.

Sunnydale High “Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sunnydale is another example of a school that could be great or horrible depending on the circumstances. For example, lots of insane and terrifying things happen at the school, such as vampire attacks or poltergeists. Then again, you have Buffy Summers there to protect you in her stylish but affordable boots. There’s no getting around the fact that a lot of students get killed or harmed thanks to living on a Hellmouth, but if you survive, you’re a lot tougher for it. Just look at Cordelia; Daddy’s Princess she may be, but she got through the high school alive and eventually became a Higher Being. Sunnydale High unfortunately got blown up by Buffy in season three, but they rebuilt it and then it had a seriously handsome – we mean qualified – principal. Oh, and then it got sucked into the Hellmouth. We probably shouldn’t want to go there, but it’d never be boring, that’s for sure.

Dillon High School, “Friday Night Lights

Dillon might have some very complicated students and teachers, not to mention various struggling middle class families surrounding it, but it definitely has one thing going for it: football! The Panthers have come a long way in the last few years thanks to Coach Eric Taylor and his team. “Friday Night Lights” is actually shot in Texas to feel more authentic, and it really works for the place and timing of the show itself. It’s a solid high school with troubled students and staff just trying to get by as best as they can, but the best thing Dillon provides is a real solid community. The school supports and takes care of its own.

East High School, “High School Musical

Now that “High School Musical” has gained mainstream fame, people sometimes forget that it originally started and broadcasted on television. The talented teenagers of East High School were TV stars long before they burst onto the movie screen! If you went to East High School you have a few options: you can join the basketball team with Troy and Chad, or maybe hang at the science club with Taylor, or suffer through drama with the Evans siblings. The best part about going to this school would be that randomly people break out into song and dance to express their emotions, and come on, how cool would that be? Then you can have lunch and a show any time you want in the cafeteria, and then wait in anticipation for the big musical production at the end of the year. Sounds pretty fun, admit it!

West Beverly, “Beverly Hills 90210” and “90210

This is another upscale, wealthy high school with the richest of the rich, and with a few breakout students who have more than enough troubles of their own. Money doesn’t buy happiness, after all, just ask Donna and Kelly. This high school seemed pretty fascinating during the 90s because it was posh and dramatic and fashionable, and now it has come back for a revival thanks to the remake “90210” on the CW. Just like before it features upper class Californian students struggling to make sense of their lives and causing all sorts of romantic entanglements as they partner swap every other episode. You’d never be bored at West Beverly, although watch out for Naomi Clark. Sometimes she can be nice, but you never can tell with her.


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