Everything Geeky: PS3 Slim

The video game Gods have heard our prayers, people, and/or finally Sony is paying attention to their fanbase. For years now the industry has been scolding Sony for their high prices when it comes to the PlayStation 3; sure the console is pretty fantastic and has Blu-ray compatibility, but who has six hundred dollars lying around for a 60 GB model? There was also the little problem that production cost on the initial model was way above what they were already selling it for, so Sony had a lot to lose … then no one was actually buying because it was too pricey! Since then the production cost went down significantly, plus they included the free Playstation Network (online network) and the Playstation Home (virtual world). Still, there were a lot of gamers (coughmecough) that held back on buying the PS3 because the majority of major games were cross-platform, and the price was a little steep, even considering the Blu-ray player installed within.

Now they have officially announced the sale of the PS3 Slim which is coming to us fast, being sold starting September 1st. You can already hear the squeals of excitement from gamers who are getting in line ready to buy this version. Why? Because it has the major capabilities of the PS3 itself but it is at a very cost efficient price at $299. You heard it right, $299. With the Wii and Xbox 360 graciously dropping prices too, this actually puts the PS3 Slim on an even slant with its competitors in terms of cost. The thing is the Playstation 3 has gotten very positive reviews by being the most visually stunning game console, reliable, creative, and the PS3 Slim will come with a 120 GB hard drive. This means that the new model may very well be more than just competition now; it could be the forerunner of the console war!

The PS3 Slim runs at the same speed as the original PS3 but it is smaller, lighter, and consumes much less power. The cell processor is now 45nm and they designed the cooling system to work with the smaller size. It takes a lot to power the PS3, so it will be interesting to see if it has any overheating problems in the first wave or what problems may arise in the beginning. Most of the time game consoles have a few bugs to sort out in the first few models, but Sony has had plenty of time to fix the PS3 Slim and it is likely they focused very hard on making it perfect so they can make back their money on the system.

The PS3 Slim’s appearance is a little more laid back and less of a gamer powerhouse than its predecessor. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and two USB ports like the original, however be aware that this will not be backwards compatible at all. That means your PS2 games will not play on this system, so don’t trade in your PS2 anytime soon if you have one. The Slim will probably eventually be the only Playstation console left; they are phasing out the original thicker PS3’s by marking down their prices significantly. The 80 GB will go for $299 and the 160 GB will be for $399. The extra 40 GB from the Slim seems like it is not really worth the extra $100, so honestly your best bet might be to try for the new model. I have a feeling the old ones might drop in price again if no one starts buying them.

Amazon and GameStop already have the PS3 Slim available for order, and they officially shipped out on August 25th. So if you’ve been waiting for a cheaper PS3 that has all the extras of the original but won’t break your wallet in this economic crisis, here is your chance (finally). Now excuse me while I go weep in ecstasy.


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