Lost Victims Returning!

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There were not that many secrets or hints given at the “Lost” panel during the San Diego Comic Con, but this was hardly a surprise since they notoriously guard their spoilers every year. One of the major pieces of information gathered, however, was that two fan favorites would be returning to the show for the final season, despite their apparent deaths: Daniel Faraday and Juliet Burke.

For those who do not recall, Faraday was one of the scientists on the freighter who was there to study the island and/or “rescue” the survivors. He quickly became a favorite because of his intelligence, good heart, not-so-secret longing for fellow-freighter Charlotte, and the fact he never took off that adorable skinny black tie. He became more important in the fifth season due to his knowledge of time travel and his scientific study of the Island’s time properties; it was he who knew that the Island was “skipping” in time and the importance of a constant.

Faraday swore that the returned Oceanic Five were now “variables” in time and could change everything that happened. Although he was tragically murdered by his own mother in the past – thus cementing her as the worst parent on “Lost” – Faraday inspired Jack and the others to release the atom bomb and change the course of time.

Of course the bomb actually going off was all thanks to Juliet Burke. She appeared at first to be a potential enemy, one of “them,” the Others. She seemed cold, calm, methodical, and mysterious. She tried to get Jack to trust the Others while secretly subverting the authority of Ben … all because Juliet was actually a prisoner just like Jack! She was taken to the Island and held there for three years as she studied why women on the Island died during childbirth, but Ben would not let her go back home to her only remaining family. She turned against him and joined the Losties, but she never made it off the Island with the Oceanic Six because she chose to stay behind to help the other survivors. This led her to be stuck in time with Sawyer, Miles, Jin, and Faraday.

Three years later she was in a happy, healthy relationship with Sawyer and they were a part of the Dharma, a place they called home. Yet the return of Kate caused a little friction for the happy pair, and she was willing to help Jack change everything in the end of last season. Juliet was dragged down to the bottom of the electromagnetic well, having said a last goodbye to her love Sawyer as he tried to save her, and it was Juliet who slammed a rock into the bomb until it went off.

What will happen on “Lost” from here is all because of those two characters, so it would be a shame if they didn’t appear again in some way to benefit from the changes. Then again, this show is famous for dead characters rarely staying in the grave … from the very first season! Jack saw his dead father walking around, Eko saw his brother, Boone was in Locke’s dreams, Libby told Michael to come back, and Hurley saw Charlie in the insane asylum. Nor will Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) and Jeremy Davies (Faraday) be the only “Lost” dead alumni returning for the last season. There are rumors that Boone, Shannon, and Charlie will be guest starring, and the show’s creators, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff, said we might see characters from the first season return.

Death is no end on “Lost,” and that’s just how we like it. It’s been a theme since the pilot episode, so it would make no sense to suddenly love the walking dead now. Then again, this season may find these characters returning in a different sense; no longer are they mysterious ghosts or forms of the smoke monster. If Faraday’s plan worked, the past has been changed and they never landed on the island to begin with. So they could all be truly, really alive again! The sad victims of “Lost” deserve a second chance at life, and this may be their ticket. So we’ll just have to see what season six brings for the dead and alive alike.


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