First update.

Alright so I’ve had a few wordpress blogs before, one is primarily to link to the writing I do all over the internet. Another is to chat about comic books. I decided to make a general blog about all things geeky, including movies, tv, video games, and comic books. I’ll put up news, reviews, and general commentary about the life of a geek girl.

If you want to know a little bit about me, my name is Chelsea Doyle, but I am sometimes called Dee. I am a writer in New York City. I’ve freelanced for several places over the years, including,, and even had my own column for awhile with The Outside World. Recently I worked for an online magazine called where I ran the Entertainment and Video Games section. I am a pretty hardcore geek and always have been. I was raised in a comic book store my parents owned and that’s how I learned to read. I love Star Wars, Star Trek (TOS and Voyager primarily), and then have a scattering of genuine obsession with several TV shows that I will go on and on about forever. This includes Lost, House, Gossip Girl (bite me), Bones, The Mentalist, and whatever else entertains me that given week. I love all movies, I am completely in love with Batman, and I play video games every single day. Whether that’s just going crazy on Halo 3 with my friends or crushing skulls in The Godfather 2, it doesn’t matter; I love games, and that’s where I’d like to work the rest of my life if possible.

So jump on the bandwagon if you want and let’s go!


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